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Highlander Grogg

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Our #1 best seller, Highlander Grogg is an addicting blend of Butterscotch, French Vanilla, and Irish Crème. Welcome this unique and perfect blend in your home and you’ll be surprised how quickly it’s gone.

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Butterscotch, French Vanilla, and Irish Crème

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Whole Bean, French Press Grind, Cold Brew Grind, Perk Grind, Drip Grind (most home brewers), Fine Grind (cone filters), Espresso Grind


8 oz., 1 Pound, 5 Pound

19 reviews for Highlander Grogg

  1. Pam Granahan

    Love this coffee. Every time I go to WY I get more

  2. Ashley

    BEST COFFEE EVER MADE!! The flavors are to die for. You will forever remember how delicious a warm cup of Highlander Grogg tastes 😍

  3. Teresa Miller

    This was the first Dark Canyon coffee I ever had. Delicious. Who would have thought that this was a “flavored” coffee. The flavors are subtle, but lingering. No bitter after taste, just a longing for a second cup. It was surpassed as my favorite by Fireside, but it remains a constant in my pantry. It is usually the first coffee I offer to my guests and it has always been well received. I use 1 scoop for each 6 oz of water. Try it! I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  4. Lynn Songer

    Every year, Birthday & Christmas, this is my gift from my little sister. It’s my favorite gift of all!

  5. Sue Parmelee (verified owner)

    A friend gave this to me for Christmas one year and I have ordered it every since.

  6. Sonja Voycheske

    My favorite coffee and I’m a coffee snob!!!! A local store used to carry it and they no longer do. I’m so sad!!!!!! The next time my mom is in Rapid I’m having her pick me up some!!!!

  7. stephen feldmeier (verified owner)

    I did give it a one star for price but the price is comparable to everyone else’s. For the taste and aroma its a 5 star coffee, my favorite but all of the Dark Canyon coffees are 5 stars. drank all of their coffees so I know.

  8. Michael Tucker (verified owner)

    From my first order ever from Dark Canyon, this is my go-to coffee flavor of all time. We order in bulk just to make sure it is always on hand!

  9. Thane Wegner (verified owner)

    Little coffee shop in Valentine NE introduced this coffee blend to me, I have been drinking it regularly for 8 years now. Absolute best coffee I have had.

  10. Brad Garrison (verified owner)

    Highlander grogg is simply delicious we love this coffee so much so we have it shipped to us here in Salt Lake City Utah ! Thanks to my brother in law for turning us on to it we can’t drink much of any other coffee😉

  11. kobie1218 (verified owner)

    Delicious coffee, my husband’s favorite.

  12. Lori Hall

    Originally received as a Christmas gift in 2020 we were hooked. It became harder to find since local retailer began roasting his own. Desperate knowing it was now not being shipped out of SD, we were thrilled to find we can now simply order on line. Web site is great with more options than imaginable. Have only tried the Highlander Grog up till now, but have ordered some additional new flavors to try that I am sure will be a treat.

  13. Ashley (verified owner)

    our favorite coffee flavor! We love everything we’ve gotten from Dark Canyon.

  14. Rain

    Highlander Grogg is hands down the best coffee flavor/blend to exist. I enjoy a hot cup or two of this coffee despite temperatures being 102°+ to -36° (probably another hot cup of coffee on those colder days), although it’s a bit expensive it’s definitely worth having in the pantry. You won’t be disappointed.

  15. Nellie Jarvis

    I’m obsessed with Highlander Grogg! I buy it every time I go to South Dakota! It makes our home smell cozy and yummy! You people really got it right!!!

  16. Jack

    My wife and I had our first cups of Highlander Grogg at Blossoms & Brew in Buffalo, South Dakota. Bought our first bag there too and still love this coffee.

  17. Deanne Rihn

    Had Highlander Grogg in a drive up coffee in Keystone So. Da. and it was great, I’m from Wis. so now I order it, can’t get enough of it!!

  18. Amber Isaac (verified owner)

    My husband and I live in California, but I have family in the Black Hills and during a visit they turned us on to Dark Canyon coffee and I’m so glad they did! We have placed several orders since then and have never been disappointed in each coffee we’ve tried! Hylander Grogg is our #1 favorite! It’s SO good! Go ahead and add to cart! You won’t regret it!

  19. Crystal Letson (verified owner)

    We first found this coffee in South Pass, WY, at the little gift shop. After we finished the first bag of coffee, we researched where to get more. We were glad to see the company is in Rapid City, SD. That’s not too far from us here in Wyoming. Highlander Grogg is our favorite coffee.

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