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Dark Canyon Coffee is a wholesale specialty coffee company providing fresh roasted arabica coffees, along with coffee equipment and supplies to the gourmet coffee industry. Our roasting facility is also open to the public with limited hours.

Dark Canyon Coffee Company deeply appreciates the hands-on nature of bringing you specialty coffees from around the world. As you drink our coffees, envision the farmer growing the bean from nursery to planting, from picking to processing. The coffees are then purchased by a broker committed to bringing the finest coffees to small roasters like us, while ensuring that farmers get a fair price and the land and environment are respected in the process.

Here at Dark Canyon Coffee, the coffee is further treated with individual care by our Roastmaster of many years, who’s spent time and energy developing each blend and roast to its finest result. And finally…it delights us to have the region’s best coffee shops, restaurants, cafes and stores serving and selling our coffees.