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Rattlesnake Brew

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Rattlesnake is a little bite of French Roast slithering in a surprisingly smooth blend with a pleasantly lingering finish. A great way to pick you up in a bold and memorable way.

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Surprisingly smooth with a pleasant lingering finish and just a little bite.

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Whole Bean, French Press Grind, Cold Brew Grind, Perk Grind, Drip Grind (most home brewers), Fine Grind (cone filters), Espresso Grind


8 oz., 1 Pound, 5 Pound

7 reviews for Rattlesnake Brew

  1. Carol Baker

    I love it. My daughter bought me whole bean Rattlesnake Brew for Christmas. I can’t say enough how much I like it!

  2. Kim Jossart

    My husband and I are new to South Dakota . We were pretty hooked on our coffee from our home state until we found Dark Canyon Coffee Company. Rattlesnake Brew is one of our favorites. I love being able to drive right to the store, having them grind it for me, and taking it home. This company is amazing. We are having so much fun trying all of the coffees but Rattlesnake Brew is a winner!

  3. Sue Rumrey (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with Dark Canyon Coffee Company! I ordered two of my favorites, My Girlfriend’s Blend and Rattlesnake Brew, yesterday. I ran out and knew it would be a few days before it’d get here since I’m in Aberdeen. And we’re under a winter storm warning later this evening. But my order arrived today! The very next day. I’m so happy. Their coffee is the best and shipping is amazing. Dark Canyon Coffee Company is outstanding.

  4. Kimberly Estell

    This coffee is a great way to start your day! Amazing flavor, and it picks you up and keeps you going! We are so grateful for you!

  5. Jessica Bassham

    Given to us as a gift all the way from SD to TX, and now we are ordering more. Top notch coffee, and we’re ordering some others to try as well.
    Kudos to Dark Canyon Coffee!

  6. Jody Clement

    Tryed Rattlesnake Brew in a diner in Gettysburg, SD. I never really ever comment on the coffee but this Brew is delicious. I will be getting some more when mine is gone. Can you suggest another flavor to try, that is similar to Rattlesnake brew?

  7. KA Lee

    My favorite coffee. This is the only rattlesnake. I want anything to do with.

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