Dave the Roastmaster

Never Become Complacent When Roasting!

Roasting coffee is a craft, part science, part art. There is no school one can attend to learn how to roast coffee. The best way to learn is by prying information of this craft from my fellow roasters, and then roasting and tasting... again and again until the taste suits my standards. It is an ongoing learning experience.

To never become a complacent roaster, I need to evaluate each roast and then strive to do better. One must be willing to try new techniques and always work to better each and every roast. That is what I do each day at Dark Canyon Coffee where quality in the cup is paramount.

Traveling to coffee growing countries has also been invaluable in understanding the finer points of what makes one coffee bean better than another. As the roast master at Dark Canyon Coffee, my expertise and commitment to great tasting coffee combines to bring superior quality to our coffee beans here each and every day.

- Dave the Roastmaster